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Stickman, Trevor

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All I Need is a Fast Machine (Steve McQueen)
Tupac- Can You Picture My Prophecy
How Sweet the Sound (Elvis Presley)
He Said John Go Do My Will (Johnny Cash)
He's The Blood Stain on the Stage (Mick Mars)
Hope You Guess My Name (Mick Jagger)
Hey Babe Don't Act So Scared (Lemmy Kilmister)
He's The Wolf Screaming Lonely in The Night (Vince Neil of Motley Crue)
Hello Me - Meet the Real Me (Dave Mustaine - Megadeath)
I Am Not Complete (Edward Scissorhands)
A Day Pay On The Wild Side (Tommy Lee)
A Man of Wealth and Taste (Keith Richards)
Ain't No Messiah - Just Your Pariah (Ozzy/ Black Sabbath)
All I've Got I Had to Steal (Van Halen)
All the Words Are Gonna Bleed from Me (Jack White)
And It All Started with a Little Kiss… Like This (Steven Tyler)
Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom (J.L. Hooker)
But What I Really Want To know Is? (Lenny Kravitz)
Can You Heat the Violins Playin Your Song (Dimebag Darrel)
Cause Nothing Last Forever (Axl)
Come as you are (Kurt Cobain)
Coz Every Girlz Crazy ( ZZ Top's)
Do You Want to See Heaven Tonight (DJ Ashba)
Empire (Jay-Z)
Entertain Us (Kurt Cobain)
Everybody Do the Propaganda (Green Day/Billie Joe Armstrong)
Goin Wherever It Leads (Tom Petty)
Hard To Creep Them Brooklyn Streets (Biggie Smalls)
I Am the Monster That Breathing Men Would Kill (Dracula)
If I'm Not Such a Sweet Thing (Joan Jett)
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