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Celebrity Night at Spago
Frank Sinatra (Duets)
Frank Liza and Sammy at Royal Albert Hall
John Lennon-Imagine
Polo Lounge
Prince Charles at Windsor
Self Portrait
The Artist - LeRoy Neiman
Martha Graham Suite
Frank (Sinatra) at Rao's
Frank Sinatra - The Voice
Fred Astaire
President's Birthday Party
Princess Anne, Munich Suite
Three Tenors
Blue Whale
Abraham Lincoln
Bruce Lee
Evel Knievel
Steve McQueen
Frank Sinatra
10 x 10
Big Jagger
Captain Keith
The Creature
The Good
Keith Pointing
Laurel and Hardy
Robert Johnson
40 x 40
Big Bang Blue
Jean Michel's Wake - Exhibition
Mick with Harmonica Emerald
Weaving - Stage Suite
Twang - Stage Suite
Play on Hands - Stage Suite
Stones in Sepia ll
Study for Keith
Study for Mick
Triple Self Portrait
Voodoo Mick
Voodoo Ronnie
Wa Wa Wood
Jimi and Me at the Scene Club NY
Billie Holiday & Bessie Smith
Chuck Berry l
Chuck Berry ll
Elvis l
Faces-We'll Meet Again
Marvin Gaye
Pete Townshend and Keith Moon
Original Muhammad Ali
SOLD_Original Marilyn
Snoopy Dogg Wearing Jim Dine
Shorty Wearing Jim Dine
SOLD_Original 2006 Psycho Cyclone
Original Psycho Cyclone January
Original 2003 Psycho Cyclone
Sinatra in Concert
Jack Nicholson
Charlie and Company
The Skys the Limit #2
Original Lost at See #8
SOLD_Original Lost at See #12
Original Lost at See #5
Snoopy Dogg Wearing Jim Dine - Parlor Edition
Shorty Wearing Jim Dine - Parlor Edition
Original Snoozing in My Big Black Shoe Day 3
Sleeping Beauty
The Real McCoy Year 16
The Real McCoy Year 17
Laid Back Collection
Laid Back 2
Laid Back 4
Laid Back 5
Laid Back 6
Laid Back 7
Laid Back 8
Laid Back 9
Laid Back 10
Laid Back 11
Laid Back 12
Laid Back 13
Laid Back 14
Laid Back 15
Laid Back 16
SOLD_Laid Back 3
Performance Art Suite Collectors Edition
Partly Cloudy Suite
Partly Cloudy 6:00 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 6:15 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 6:30 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 6:45 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:00 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:15 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:30 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:45 Morning Fly
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