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Celebrity Night at Spago
Frank Sinatra (Duets)
Frank Liza and Sammy at Royal Albert Hall
John Lennon-Imagine
Polo Lounge
Prince Charles at Windsor
Self Portrait
The Artist - LeRoy Neiman
Martha Graham Suite
Frank (Sinatra) at Rao's
Frank Sinatra - The Voice
Fred Astaire
President's Birthday Party
Princess Anne, Munich Suite
Three Tenors
Blue Whale
Abraham Lincoln
Bruce Lee
Evel Knievel
Steve McQueen
Frank Sinatra
10 x 10
Big Jagger
Captain Keith
The Creature
The Good
Keith Pointing
Laurel and Hardy
Robert Johnson
40 x 40
Jean Michel's Wake - Exhibition
Mick with Harmonica Emerald
Weaving - Stage Suite
Twang - Stage Suite
Play on Hands - Stage Suite
The Others ( SUITE OF 5 )
Rehearsal in Ireland (suite of 3 )
Study for Keith
Study for Mick
Voodoo Ronnie
Billie Holiday & Bessie Smith
Chuck Berry l
Chuck Berry ll
Pete Townshend and Keith Moon
Original Muhammad Ali
SOLD_Original Marilyn
Snoopy Dogg Wearing Jim Dine
Shorty Wearing Jim Dine
SOLD_Original 2006 Psycho Cyclone
Original Psycho Cyclone January
Original 2003 Psycho Cyclone
Sinatra in Concert
Jack Nicholson
Charlie and Company
The Skys the Limit #2
Original Lost at See #8
SOLD_Original Lost at See #12
Original Lost at See #5
Snoopy Dogg Wearing Jim Dine - Parlor Edition
Shorty Wearing Jim Dine - Parlor Edition
Original Snoozing in My Big Black Shoe Day 3
Sleeping Beauty
The Real McCoy Year 16
The Real McCoy Year 17
Laid Back Collection
Laid Back 2
Laid Back 4
Laid Back 5
Laid Back 6
Laid Back 7
Laid Back 8
Laid Back 9
Laid Back 10
Laid Back 11
Laid Back 12
Laid Back 13
Laid Back 14
Laid Back 15
Laid Back 16
SOLD_Laid Back 3
Performance Art Suite Collectors Edition
Partly Cloudy Suite
Partly Cloudy 6:00 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 6:15 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 6:30 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 6:45 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:00 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:15 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:30 Morning Fly
Partly Cloudy 7:45 Morning Fly
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