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Famous People

Michael Jordan - Slam, Then and Now
Abraham Lincoln
Roger Clemens-The Rocket
Muhammad Ali-Athlete of the Century
Coach Bill Walsh
Bear Bryant
April at Augusta/Augusta Golf
Golden Bear
Great Gretzky
Backhand (Chris Evert)
Bjorn Borg
The Natural "Randy Couture"
Michael Jordan
Ulysses S. Grant - Original
Robert E. Lee - Original
Sitting Bull - SOLD
Teddy Roosevelt - Sold
Mick with Wasp
Michael Jordan - Game Time
Michael Jordan - One
Jackie Robinson
Billy Joel
Ali The Greatest Athlete of the Century
Chief Medicine Crow - Original
The Mick, Mickey Mantle
Aretha Franklin
Jim Morrison
Muhammad Ali
John Wooden
The Fugitive
The Guitarist Suite - Performing Keith
The Guitarist Suite - Performing Ronnie
Ali with Posters
Jack Nicholson
Homage to Lincoln
SOLD _ Wine Goddess
SOLD_Jackie Kennedy (Jackie 1)
Fidel Castro
Original Academy Awards After Spago Party
Original Robert F. Kennedy
Original - Woodrow Wilson
William H. Taft - Original
Puccini - Original
JFK - Original
Pope John Paul II
George Washington - Original
Sitting Bull - Original
Buffalo Bill Cody - Original
Wild Bill Hickok - Original
Abraham Lincoln - Original
Chief Medicine Crow, Color, Original
Chief Plenty Coup - Original
Original Will Clark
New York
Clint Eastwood - The Outlaw
Travolta - Pulp Fiction
SOLD_Picasso: A Ticket to Glory (After 50 Years of Surrealism Suite)
The Sacred Love of Gala (After 50 Years of Surrealism Suite)
Lancelot and Guinevere (Les Amoureux Suite)
Garden of Eden (Les Amoureux Suite)
Ernest Hemingway
Comanche Tracker
Sold_Original Rocky
Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge Mono Print
Original Maxwell's Plum
If I'm Not Such a Sweet Thing (Joan Jett)
Original Rudy Giuliani
Bill II
Bill Wyman
Clapton III
Far East Man - George Harrison
Miles Davis
Big Bang Collector's Edition
Skulls On Stage
Elvis II
Mick Takes III
Flat Bed Truck
Get Up Stand Up (Blue)
Robert Johnson
Howlin' Wolf
Duke Ellington
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