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Crossing Below the Falls
Crows in the Yellowstone (Artists Proof)
Tribal Warfare
Transferring the Medicine Shield (Anniversary Museum Canvas)
Transferring the Medicine Shield (Anniversary Masterwork Canvas)
Seeking Guidance from the Great Spirit
Seeking Guidance from the Great Spirit AP
Flags on the Frontier - AP Large
Flags on the Frontier - AP Small
Flags on the Frontier - Small
Cheyenne Red Shield
Caution Born of Necessity
Council Mediator
The River's Gift
Major North and the Pawnee Battalion
Calling the Buffalo
Crow Country
Whiskey Smugglers
White Man Fire Sticks (Limited Edition Print)
White Man Fire Sticks (Masterwork Canvas Edition)
Far Seeing Glass
Far Seeing Glass (Artists Proof)
Guarding the Lodge
Guarding the Lodge (Artists Proof)
Hawk Feathers
Paper That Talks Two Ways, The Treaty Signing (Masterwork Canvas Edition)
Coup Sticks and War Paint
Council Regalia Personal Commission (Artists Proof)
Found on the Field of Battle
The Horse Doctor and His Medicine Bag at Rendezvous
Light Cavalry
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