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Neiman, LeRoy | Baseball

Best known for his brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic images of sporting events and leisure activities, his art is unique. It stands alone without any real comparison. It is an art which has become controversial because Neiman has broken the barriers of many of the most hallowed assumptions of modern art history and contemporary criticism. It is an art that is loved by millions of people throughout America and around the world.

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Bay Area Baseball
Dodgers Centennial
Mike Piazza
Payoff Pitch
Sliding Home
The Babe
Roger Clemens-The Rocket
Tony LaRussa-Manager of the Year
Willie Mays
Cal Ripken
Home Run Blast
Johnny Bench-The Catcher
Mark McGwire
Mickey Mantle
Nolan Ryan
Sandy Koufax
Ted Williams-The Splendid Splinter
Joe DiMaggio, The Cut
Mike Schmidt, The Slugger
Whitey Ford
Willie Stargell
Shot Heard Around The World
The Hit
The Baseball Player Suite
Awaiting the Decision
Batting Practice
Next At Bat
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