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These Songs of Freedom (Bob Marley)
This is What it Sounds Like (Prince)
Tramps Like Us (Bruce Springsteen)
Twenty Twenty Twenty Four Hours To Go (Joey Ramone)
The Sound of a Crescendo (Michael Jackson)
Stoned Immaculate (Jim Morrison)
We Had It With Your Discipline (Elton John)
We Salute You (Angus Young)
We Were Kings (Mike Tyson)
We Unleased the Lion (Eddie Vedder)
What If You Knew Her? (Neil Young)
What's Puzzlin' You is the Nature of My Game (Charlie Watts)
Where Do We Go Now (Slash)
With the Birds I'll Share This Lonely View (Anthony Kiedis)
Yo Dre, I Got Something to Say (Ice Cube/ Dr. Dre)
You Can Have Everything You Want But You Better Not Take It From Me (Guns and Roses Tribute)
Your Lifestle To Me Seems So Tragic (Randy Rhodes)
I'm Your Source of Self Destruction (James Hetfield- Metallica)
I was Raised by Demons (Gene Simons)
I'm Real Nervous But It Sure Is Fun (Flaming Piano/Jerry Lewis)
I wasen't Born with Enough Middle Fingers (Marilyn Manson)
I Wanna Watch You Bleed (Axl Rose)
I Never Meant To Cause You Sorrow (Prince)
I Know Someday You'll Have A Beautiful Life (Eddie Vadder)
I Got Soul And I'm Super Bad (James Brown)
I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles)
I Have Seen The Writing On The Wall (David Gilmour)
I Don't Think I Need Anything At All (Roger Waters)
Dream A little Dream (Jazz Legends Tribute)
EVOL 1 (Ronnie James Dio)
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