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Featured Artwork

Coup Sticks and War Paint
Council Regalia Personal Commission (Artists Proof)
Found on the Field of Battle
The Horse Doctor and His Medicine Bag at Rendezvous
Light Cavalry
Grandfather Prays to Sun
Snoopy Dogg Wearing Jim Dine - Parlor Edition
Shorty Wearing Jim Dine - Parlor Edition
Original Hialeah Racetrack in Florida
Original Jacques Cousteau Sea Blue Eyes
Original Seaside Glow
Original Afternoon Solitude
Original Alone II
Original My Little Princess
Original The Fountain
Original Treasuring the Moment
Mother and Child
The Source
SOLD_Catfish Hunter
SOLD_Original Milan Corner
Original Snoozing in My Big Black Shoe Day 3
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauties Book
Sleeping Beauty Originals
Sleeping Beauty #4 - Georgia
Sleeping Beauty #5 - Connecticut
SOLD_Sleeping Beauty #6 - Massachusetts
SOLD_Sleeping Beauty #7 - Maryland
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