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Stickman, Trevor | In My Eyes Blood Drops Look Like Roses (Alice Cooper)

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In My Eyes Blood Drops Look Like Roses (Alice Cooper) | Stickman, Trevor

Giclee on Canvas, Published 2012

SE Edition 18 x 24, Numbered 150, $500

SN Edition 24 x 32, Numbered 250, $995

AP Edition 30 x 40, Numbered 50, $1,895

APs include a 5 color artist highlight

stickman alice cooper music

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About The Artist: Stickman, Trevor

Trevor “Stickman” Stickel specializes in musically based artwork that captures legendary moments, powerful ideas and raw emotion. His work is described as gritty-yet-fresh, complex-yet-simple.

Graduating from a Jekyll and Hyde influence early in his career, in which he divided his time between family portraits and design work on helmets and Harleys, Trevor had the epiphany to combine both styles while reading According to the Rolling Stones. Two weeks later he finished his first canvas portrait of Mick Jagger, which thrust him into a different realm of the art world. He aptly titled it “Please allow me to introduce myself”.

stickman alice cooper music



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